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WFP Bolivia Country Brief November 2022

USD 2 m (December 2022 – May 2023) net funding requirements, representing 87 percent of the total’

Operational Updates

• In Vilañeque, Oruro, WFP installed a 10,500 litre water tank, benefiting 40 households affected by drought and Lake Poopó drying. Furthermore, WFP improved the infrastructure of irrigation systems and greenhouses built to protect crops from climate change induced threats and delivered smallholder farmers agricultural tools to bolster their productivity and food security.

• To strengthen the employability and resilience of Bolivian men and women, WFP, in partnership with Manq’a trained 215 beneficiaries (166 women) on client services and business management. Manq’a is a gastronomic school whose mission is to generate economic opportunities for youth, promote sustainable agriculture and raise awareness of nutritional value of ancestral food products.

• Since the livelihoods of Bolivian communities have been impacted by climate change, local women have increasingly taken handicrafts to help bring food to the table. Following community consultations, WFP installed 45 weaving machines and 12 winders in the Uru community.

Source: Relief Web