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Bolivia Has Called A Cat Whisperer To Find An Airline’s Missing Feline

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Anyone who has traveled with a pet knows it can be a very stressful experience for animal and human alike. Most often, all goes well, and our furry friends arrive perhaps a little frazzled but in good shape. Unfortunately, sometimes tragedy strikes, and a pet ends up lost, as was the case with a cat in the care of Boliviana De Aviacion in December.

However, it is even rarer, at least to our knowledge, that when such an instance occurs, the government owning the airline in question goes about acquiring the services of a psychic to localize the precious four-legged cargo. And yet, that is precisely what the Bolivian Ministry of Justice has done.

As reported by Pagina Siete last week, the Bolivian government has contracted an “interspecies communicator” to help track down the whereabouts of Tito the cat, who went missing in transit last month on a domestic flight between Tarija International Airport (TJA) and Santa Cruz International Airport (VVI).

According to the publication, the psychic is working remotely from La Paz and has contacted the cat’s guardian (anyone who has a feline knows there is no such thing as ‘owner’) to say that they sense that Tito is alive.

Andrea Iturre, who was on her way with Tito to Ireland, was shocked and devastated to discover upon arrival at Santa Cruz that the kennel was empty. The airline first gave up searching for the cat after ten days, but in a later meeting, agreed to keep paying the expenses Iturre incurred as she stayed in Tarija to search for Tito, together with a group of volunteers. According to reports by Bolivian media, lawyers were brought in to make BoA take responsibility.

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