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Visit of Anthony Albanese to The United States

On Wednesday March 8, the Australian Prime Minister announced that he would soon meet President Joe Biden to discuss a massive agreement to build nuclear-powered submarines. But before landing on the west coast of the United States, Anthony Albanese will first travel to India, then to Indonesia.


“ I will meet President Biden in the United States. We will make further announcements soon on the details of the arrangements that will be made ,” Anthony Albanese told a press conference in Perth.

However, a few days earlier, a senior official of the American army had precisely pronounced on the advances concerning “the AUKUS partnership “, which ” aims to provide Australia with a capacity of nuclear-powered submarines and to conventional armament as soon as possible “. ” Strengthening our deterrence means boosting all of our industrial bases, increasing our collective capabilities and sharing technology like never before ,” the military insisted.

Visit of Anthony Albanese to the United States


Before heading to the AUKUS partnership signing ceremony, which is scheduled to be held in San Diego on Monday, along with Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Anthony Albanese is expected to travel to India and Indonesia first. 

“The truth is that India, along with Indonesia, will become the third and fourth largest economies in the world in the coming years. This represents an incredible opportunity for Australia” , declared Mr. Albanese, insisting all the same on the importance of the partnership with Washington. “I look forward to continuing my engagement with the American administration ,” assured the Australian Prime Minister.

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