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Qatargate, Panzeri Confesses: “Too Much Money, I Threw It in The Trash”

Good times for the communists, those in which comrade G., born Primo Greganti, hid behind a heroic and unusual silence, declaring that he had taken the bribe money for himself and not for the party. 

So beautiful that at the Unification parties the reds used to wear T-shirts with the words “Viva Greganti” written on them, to testify all their gratitude to that comrade G. who stoically with his lies had saved them and the PCI from the executioner fury of Tangentopoli.

 Those times were really beautiful, even if they probably won’t come back.Yes, because comrade G. of today, that is to say the former MEP of Pd and Article 1, Antonio Panzer i, unlike the conspiratorial Greganti, ‘sings’ which is a beauty. In fact, with the intention of obtaining a reduction in his sentence, Panzeri made an agreement with the Belgian authorities who arrested him for corruption on 9 December 2022: the reduction of the sentence from five to one year in exchange for a confession in about the Qatargate investigation .

The now former MEP has thus opted for an alternative route to the one Primo Greganti took at the time, and has decided to spill the beans on the corruption ring set up by Qatar, to guide the judgments of the European Parliament on the subject of human rights. The round of bribes, apparently, had already started in 2014, and had initially involved Morocco. Subsequently, the episodes of corruption spread like wildfire with the entry on the scene of Qatar, a country from which Panzeri and his assistant Francesco Giorgi pocketed, according to the statements of the former MEP, the monstrous sum of a million euros each for 2018 and 2019.

During the interrogations to which he was subjected, Antonio Panzeri also revealed to the investigators of the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office that most of the Qatari money was delivered through a Turkish businessman . In his confessions Panzeri, in addition to bringing up (and causing trouble) other former MEP colleagues, also reveals curious anecdotes. They range from the briefcase containing ‘only’ 15 thousand euros stolen from him on the Paris-Brussels train, up to the shocking revelation: no longer knowing what to do with all the cash at his disposal, one day Panzeri thought it well to “throw some in a trash can on his way home.”And these are just the latest details of a scandal that is shaking the European institutions from within. And it certainly doesn’t end there. In fact, we can bet that very soon the novel Qatargate will be enriched with new interesting chapters. 

The European Parliament trembles , the moral superiority of the reds collapses under Panzeri’s confessions, and the left increasingly misses the times of the legendary Greganti. It’s really true: there are no longer the communists of the past.Salvatore Di Bartolo, 9 March 2023.

Source: Nicola Porro