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New York National Guard-Brazil State Partnership relationship named best named best for 2022

The New York National Guard’s State Partnership Program relationship with Brazil’s military was named as one of two partnerships of the year for 2022 by the National Guard Bureau at an April 17-21 conference in Denver.

The Brazil-New York relationship was launched in 2019 and has become one of the most vibrant of the 100 State Partnership Programs maintained by the National Guard across the world, according to National Guard officials.

The winners were selected based on key leader and subject matter engagements, joint training events, and the capacity to include other government agencies.

Maj. Gen. Denise Donnell, the commander of the New York Air National Guard, led the New York National Guard delegation which accepted the award, along with Brazilian military officials.

Major Gen. Ray Shields, the adjutant general of New York, said the recognition was “ a great testament to the health and vitality of our partnership.”

“Since 2019 our relationship has grown with the Brazilian Army and Air Force and especially with their space units,” Shields said.

“We are pleased to be partnered with the Brazilian Armed Forces and look forward to many years of continued collaboration and growth of our relationship as we forge interoperability between Brazil and the United States,” Shields said.

In 2022, New York conducted 28 events with Brazilian military leaders, according to Maj. Padraic Meehan, the Brazilian State Partnership coordinator.

The other winner was the relationship between the Pennsylvania National Guard and Lithuania. This was one of the first programs launched 30 years ago following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

The first three partnerships were established in 1993 with the three newly independent Baltic states. The goal was for former Soviet military personnel to work with leaders and Soldiers and Airmen of a democracy to learn from their examples.

Since then, the program, which is overseen by the Department of Defense, has expanded to each of the 54 National Guard’s and to 100 partner countries.

New York got involved in 2003 by partnering with South Africa. The Brazil relationship has been especially dynamic, according to Maj. David Myones, the State Partnership Program Director.

“They are just an eager partner,” Myones said.

And, he emphasized, New York’s National Guard leadership is always willing to engage with the Brazilians.

“The Brazilian military is very advanced on multiple fronts,“ Myones said. “There are a lot of things we can learn from each other.”

Since the partnership kicked off, Brazil has hosted New York Soldiers and Airmen at their world-famous jungle warfare school. The New York Air National Guard has also participated in Exercise Tapio, a Brazilian Air Force search and rescue training exercise.

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