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TOTVS Launches new Availability Zones for Cloud in Brazil

TOTVS, one of Brazil’s largest technology companies, has announced the expansion of its cloud availability zones to further accelerate the adoption of its cloud solutions by more than 40,000 customers across the country.

This investment is part of TOTVS’s ongoing commitment to provide its customers with faster and more agile cloud services, regardless of their location in Brazil.

With the expansion of cloud availability zones, TOTVS customers will enjoy optimized performance and lower latency, resulting in a better user experience and greater data availability.

These new zones are designed to adopt sustainable practices and meet ISO’s international standards for the correct implementation and operation of a sustainable environmental management system.

TOTVS has already begun expanding the availability zones in two regions of Brazil. The Northeast region had its availability zone launched in April 2021, while the Southeast region received its second availability zone in the middle of 2020.

Currently, there are three availability zones in Brazil and TOTVS plans to continue expanding its cloud services to new regions throughout the year.

Furthermore, TOTVS recently launched T-Cloud, a complete platform that specializes in managing resources, security, services and metrics for its products in the cloud. This platform, along with the expansion of the availability zones, is part of TOTVS’s broader investment in cloud technology to accelerate the digitalization of its customers and increase its market share.

According to Gustavo Bastos, TOTVS’s Vice President of Platforms, both initiatives are aimed at accelerating the cloud adoption and digitalization of TOTVS’s customers.

“These investments were designed to expand the availability of high-quality cloud services to our customers, regardless of their location,” Bastos said. “This gives us the necessary capacity to contribute to the digitalization of our customers and continue to accelerate the expansion of our cloud business.”

In addition to providing faster and more agile cloud services to its customers, TOTVS is also committed to sustainable environmental practices. The new availability zones are designed to meet ISO’s international standards for sustainable environmental management, which promotes the use of renewable energy and reduces carbon emissions.

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