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ANUG Meets US Ambassador

Members of A New and United Guyana’s (ANUG’s) Executive Committee met with American Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch (centre) to discuss a number of pressing issues affecting the Guyanese public and to inquire about common areas of interest. In particular crime and corruption and the associated threat to social stability, it said.

A release from ANUG said that democratic principles and economic development were highlighted, with the need for greater transparency being generally agreed.

As a pillar of ANUG’s beliefs, ensuring the highest level of transparency is critical for the nation to develop, the party said.

“ANUG reminds the governing PPP party that it is answerable to the people of Guyana in its implementation of policies, transparency, issues of security, and corruption. ANUG will press for a framework of transparency and accountability in Government by legislative measures”, it said.

Source : Stabroek News