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The hottest year in Venezuela’s history

The hottest year in Venezuela's history

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, said this Friday that Venezuela is experiencing the hottest year in its history as a consequence of the effects of climate change.

According to the president, the country “has been registering up to 4 degrees Celsius above average, we are having the hottest year in the history of Venezuela.” 

In the framework of a working meeting on the progress of the Communal-Military Education and Health Brigades, Maduro said he was “very concerned about the accelerated symptoms of global warming in Venezuela and in the world in general.”

The President said that Venezuelan authorities are deployed and on permanent alert for heavy rainfall occurring as a result of climatic alterations.

“Brutal droughts are being recorded in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, as well as torrential rains in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru,” Maduro lamented as he warned that “global warming is already impacting the earth, water sources and health.”

On the occasion, the president said that at the meeting of presidents of South American countries, held last Tuesday in Brazil, they discussed “the climate emergency in order to coordinate institutions and working groups in South America.”

He expressed his wishes that the integration processes advance and consolidate so that they allow “all governments to establish a single joint policy to be more sustainable and fight climate change.”

Source: teleSUR