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Bolivia celebrates 70th anniversary of attack on Moncada Garrison

The diplomat pointed out, “There are already concrete outcomes from Bolivian aid to Cuba’s agricultural program, and we are especially looking forward to the beginning of direct flights by Boliviana de Aviacion from Santa Cruz to Havana in the near future.”

Sanchez noted at the ceremony to commemorate Cuba’s National Rebelliousness Day on July 26, at the headquarters of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, that efforts are being made in other sectors of interest for both sides.

Also present at the event were Bolivian Minister of the Presidency Maria Nela Prada, Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta, Labor Minister Veronica Navia and other domestic, departmental and municipal government representatives. All of them thoroughly listened to the ambassador’s speech, in which he granted great importance to the actions led by Fidel Castro on July 26, 1953.

“With precarious weapons, but great courage and patriotism, they attacked the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes garrisons, in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, respectively,” he pointed out.

Other participants at the meeting were legislators, a large representation of the accredited diplomatic corps, members of the Cuba solidarity movement and Cuban residents in Bolivia.

Sanchez underscored that those historic events had a transcendental significance in raising people’s awareness and will, and in little more than three years the army of the dictatorship was defeated.

The diplomat recalled that since the January 1, 1959, victory, the Cuban Revolution has been living in a trench against aggression by a dozen US governments.

Source: Prensa Latina