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Bolivia: Truckers to Hold Nationwide Strike Oct. 9-10


The Union Confederation of Drivers of Bolivia (Confederacion Sindical de Choferes de Bolivia, CSCB), a labor union representing truck drivers, announced a nationwide strike Oct. 9-10. Participants are denouncing alleged poor road conditions and excessive fees and fines.

In addition to refusing to transport goods, striking CSCB members will likely use their trucks to block roads and highways, causing major transport and business disruptions throughout Bolivia. Police will probably deploy to locations where roadways are blocked; clashes are possible, especially if authorities attempt to forcibly disperse strikers and reopen roads.


Avoid all areas where truckers are blocking roads as a precaution. Allow for additional transport time throughout Bolivia during the strike. Reconfirm business appointments. Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks; wait for police to clear roads instead. Heed the instructions of security personnel. Leave the area at the first sign of violence.

Source : Crisis24