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How to Visit Chile on a Budget

Travelers arriving in Chile from neighboring countries often have the same first reaction: shock. It’s not the height of the Andes, the size of the glaciers or the barrenness of the desert – though those also surprise – but rather the cost of living.

Chile is South America’s second-wealthiest nation by GDP per capita (just behind Uruguay), which is why your daily expenses will be notably higher. While alcoholic drinks tend to be relatively cheap (including the wonderful wines), meals, groceries, transportation and hotel prices aren’t all that different from many destinations in Europe or North America, particularly as you head south into the remote wilds of Patagonia. There are, however, some easy ways to save if know how.

We’ve rounded up some tricks and tips to help keep more of those colorful Chilean pesos in your wallet, as well as a handy guide to daily costs you can expect on a trip to Chile.

Use your Tourist Card

All visitors entering Chile on tourist visas will receive a Tourist Card. Hold onto it! Not only will you need to return this paper document upon departure but it’s also your ticket to avoiding the 19% room tax at hotels, which domestic tourists must pay. Most hotels don’t automatically deduct the tax, so be sure to show your passport and Tourist Card at check-in and pay with a foreign credit card.

Source : Lonely Planet