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“Deserves a Hero’s Welcome Home” – Dana White Wins Over an Entire Nation After UFC CEO’s Move for Bolivian DWCS Fighter

The euphoria that accompanies receiving a contract from the UFC extends far beyond the individual and their immediate circle. It becomes a cause for celebration throughout the entire nation. Such was the case for the Bolivian part-time MMA fighter, Jose Daniel Medina, who was recently granted the honor of joining the UFC ranks. Remarkably, Medina has never undergone formal training and pursues MMA only on a part-time basis.

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Dana White recently surprised everyone by extending UFC contracts to fighters who had lost in the DWCS. One name that stood out was Jose Daniel Medina. His ability to take the fight to a unanimous decision impressed the CEO, leading him to offer Medina a contract.

Fans React to Dana White awarding a UFC contract to Jose Daniel Medina

Dana White has been quite generous lately, awarding UFC contracts to fighters, even those who’ve suffered defeats. It’s no joke that these defeated fighters showcased such skill that they truly deserved the contracts.

Medina entered the Octoganal arena in an unprepared state without any coach or assistance to face the formidable Russian, Magomed Gadzhiyasulov. The match started off with Gadzhiyasulov dominating the Bolivian. Within the course of the three-round match, Gadzhiyasulov dominated Medina. However, despite Gadzhiyasulov’s efforts to finish the match earlier, Medina held him off till the last round. Medina’s sportsmanship and stubbornness to never back down despite being underprepared caught the attention of the entire sports community

Medina’s unwavering determination to never back down in the fight caught Dana White’s attention, ultimately leading to the Bolivian being awarded a prestigious UFC contract. This placed his name among the fighters who received UFC contracts despite their losses.

White then took to his Instagram handle to share a video of Medina’s reception in his home country and added “ On #DWCS this week, something in my gut told me to sign this kid. It is so awesome to see him get this kind of reception when he returned home to Bolivia.” The video Showcased a huge crowd who was there to receive Medina.

Fans took to White’s Instagram post to admire and respect the UFC CEO for his generosity. Some of the comments of the fans are as follows :

Based on the reactions of the fans, they are clearly happy with the signing since Medina was an interesting and entertaining fighter. The Community can be seen praising White for his generous escapades. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to witness Medina’s Story- Bolivia’s very own UFC fighter.

Dana White’s unexpected generosity toward fighters

In a surprising turn of events on the latest episode of Dana White’s Contender Series, UFC CEO Dana White displayed an uncharacteristic generosity by offering contracts to multiple fighters, even those who did not emerge victorious in their bouts. This marked a significant departure from the usual practice of signing only winners. Notably, Danny Silva and Angel Pacheco both earned contracts after their hard-fought unanimous decision brawl, with Silva emerging as the victor. The surprises didn’t end there, as Ernesta Kareckaite and Carli Judice, who had battled to a closely contested split decision, were also granted contracts.

With a class of new and entertaining fighters under the UFC roster. it will be interesting to witness the course of UFC. Dana White’s generosity in awarding contracts to even the defeated fighters may trigger a chain reaction that will lead to DWCS fighters showcasing exceptional performance not only to win but also to show the world their might. Nevertheless, it will be exciting what’s ahead for the sport. What is your opinion on Dana White’s recent actions? Do tell us in the comments below.

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