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Forbes updates the TOP-50: Kenes Rakishev climbs in the rating

The Forbes magazine of Kazakhstan has updated the TOP-50 list of the most influential businessmen in the country. Most of the leaders retained their positions. Kenes Rakishev managed to climb higher and is now, according to the authoritative media, #8 in the list of the most influential businessmen. We’ll look at the success story of Kenes Rakishev and describe his current assets and operations.

Forbes describes Kenes Rakishev’s business portfolio as a diversified one. It’s very true statement and, at least for some extent, the recipe of Kenes Rakishev success. He is always in search for new applications of his skills and funds, taking a weighted risks and exchanging one asset to the others. The core business of Kenes Rakishev is built around capital-intensive mining activities. It is represented, among others, by Fincraft Resources branch. Financial technology companies, banking and insurance companies are gathered under umbrella of Fincraft Group and Fincraft Investment.

Kenes Rakishev and his wife Asel Tasmagambetova
Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova.

Kenes Rakishev (also spelled Kenges Rakishev sometimes) is known for his crisis management abilities. The story of troubled Petropavlovsk gold mine management is well known and documented. As for now Kenes Rakishev owns Romaltyn Mining S.R.L. and Romaltyn Exploration S.R.L. in Romania, but the rumours are that Mr. Rakishev seeks to purchase some other gold mines. Another asset with a difficult history is Vitino port, and it looks like Kenes Rakishev will steer it out of the misery.

Vitino port
Vitino port is owned by Kenes Rakishev company.

As the world clearly experiences a hunger for battery metals Kenes Rakishev prepares to open the opportunity to invest in one of the most important nickel and cobalt deposits in Kazakhstan. Gornostayevskoe mining operation deploys modern energy and water-saving leaching technology which puts a minimal pressure on the environment. The Battery Metal Tech company is preparing for IPOs at the Hong Kong and KASE exchanges. The interest to the IPO is high because of the record demand for the metals.

Rakishev is one of the shareholders of NetElements
NetElement is NASDAQ-listed international company partially owned by Kenes Rakishev.

Kenes Rakishev pays much attention to innovative technology and the energy transition. To accumulate the newest and the best tech under his command he created the OXUS Acquisition SPAC and successfully made a NASDAQ IPO. It’s his second NASDAQ-listed company with the first one, Net Element, being merged with Muellen Tech.

International community knows Kenes Rakishev as an active startup scene investor. The entrepreneur is known for Sirin phone development, General Robotics and space exploration projects as well as revolutionary quick charging batteries project StoreDot.

Kenes Rakishev influence goes beyond the business

Kenes Rakishev maintains a high level of social and charitable activity. He, together with his wife Aselle Tasmagambetova, co-founded the oldest private charity in the country, Saby. Saby funds several high-scale programs in education, sports, healthcare and protection of the environment. Kenes Rakishev is the head of boxing federation of the Kazakhstan. He is author of a book dedicated to the Kazakh culture and the way of life.

Choqan Walikhanov school.
Choqan Walikhanov school was built by Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova.

Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev built and opened a Choqan Walikhanov private school in Almaty. Despite being a newest addition to the set it rapidly gained popularity in the biggest city of Kazakhstan. The school is modern in every way: it’s modern by the approach to education, by technologies used and even by architecture it is built.

Choqan Walikhanov school is awarded with Level4 LEED Green construction certificate.

Ascending to the top positions in the Forbes rating is a natural result of the influence Kenes Rakishev has on the society. His efforts to make Kazakhstan a modern, safe and socially oriented country is well worth the place he took in the Forbes TOP-50 list.

Source: Talk-Finance