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Bolivia: Disruptions Due to Poor Air Quality Reported in Santa Cruz De La Sierra as of Oct. 23


Disruptions have been reported in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz Department, as of Oct. 23 due to high levels of air pollution. Hundreds of wildfires burning in the region have contributed to the worst air quality levels ever recorded in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with the city registering an Air Pollution Index score of 308, which officials rate “extremely bad,” on Oct. 23. Education authorities have suspended classes in the city through Oct. 25 due to poor air quality. Additionally, officials have suspended all flights, including private flights and aviation school flights, at El Trompillo Airport (SRZ) due to reduced visibility caused by air pollution. No significant flight disruptions were immediately reported at the city’s main Viru Viru International Airport (VVI). Authorities are advising people to keep their windows closed at home and avoid spending much time outdoors.

In all areas under air quality advisories, vulnerable groups, including children, the elderly, people suffering from asthma or other lung diseases, and people with heart disease, are at particular risk of negative health consequences from the smoke.

The low air quality could cause further disruptions at airports in the affected region due to reduced visibility. While most business activities continue as normal, any further worsening of the air quality in the region could cause an increase in business disruptions.


Heed the recommendations of local authorities if operating in affected areas. Individuals – especially children, the elderly, and persons with pulmonary or cardiovascular conditions – should limit their time outdoors until local air quality advisories are lifted. Reconfirm business appointments. Plan accordingly for increased absenteeism among employees who have certain health conditions or are the parents or guardians of school-aged children. Reconfirm flights before leaving for the airport; do not check out of accommodations until onward travel is confirmed.

Source : Crisis24