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We’re proud to work with some of the very best coffee roasters in the world. Looking for a coffee recommendation? Seeking fresh roasted coffee? Perhaps you want to find a new coffee to order online! Here is a fresh list of recommended coffee offerings from our roasting partners!

Amavida Coffee Roasters

amavida coffee roasters natural bolvia aipep sprudge 2023

Amavida Coffee RoastersNatural Bolivia AIPEP—This limited release offering is from the primary-level producer association AIPEP, located in the Yungas mountains of Bolivia. This premium lot was the product of a substantial quality project involving the construction of new drying tables. The project was fully funded by Cooperative Coffees impact fund, which is used to assist coffee farmers at origin. We found this natural processed coffee to be pleasantly dense, with notes of blueberry, grape and black tea in the cup.

Camber Coffee Roasters

camber guatemala artistseries gesha box set sprudge roaster's village

Camber Coffee: Gesha Box Set—We’re thrilled to share our latest Artist Series drop, featuring TWO stunning Geshas from Guatemala. Guatemala Rosma Gesha is a washed process Gesha with exceptional clarity and effervescent notes of jasmine, makrut lime, bergamot, black tea, and casaba melon. Guatemala Cascada Encantada Gesha is a natural process Gesha showcasing a honeyed sweetness and complex flavors of apricot, black tea, clementine, grape, and black cherry. Sprudge readers can save $5 on the Gesha Box Set on cambercoffee.com with code GESHA through 11/3/23.


cxffeeblack og guji mane sprudge 2023

CXFFEEBLACKOG Guji Mane—Brought to you by an all black supply chain. Grown by black farmers in the town of Uraga in the Guji Zone of Oromia in Ethiopia, exported by Black community leaders Ture Waji, aka the “King Of Guji”and the big homie Mike Mamo of Bmore and Ethiopian acclaim through their collaborative effort, Green Spring Coffee. It was imported through the homies at Equatorial Coffee Consultants and roasted by Renata Henderson and Sydni Barnes, Black women carrying the legacy that Ethiopian women started over 2,000 year ago.

This coffee was naturally processed at a washing station in the Guji Zone of Oromia in Ethiopia, and reminds us of passionfruit, papaya, nougat, caramel and dark chocolate.

Equator Coffees

equator 94 points guatemala el injerto ethiopia landrace natural sprudge coffee recommendations

—Reviewed by Coffee Review in September 2023, this coffee scored an incredible 94 point review! Experience the sweet and complex flavors of Guatemala El Injerto Ethiopia Landrace Natural. This rare lot of coffee is a Landrace variety from Ethiopia processed using the natural, or dry method, which locks in its unique flavors and sweetness. We love the intense fruit-forward notes this coffee is renowned for.

Intelligentsia Coffee

intelligentsia ontono blend sprudge roaster's village

Intelligentsia CoffeeOtoño Blend—Fall is here, and with it, the next release in our seasonal blend lineup. Otoño is inspired by the reflection that autumn brings, when nature reveals its texture and each step outdoors is a chance to slow down and observe a beautiful transition unfold. For these blend, ingredients were carefully selected from our menu by our coffee team and combine in a recipe designed to deliver the flavors of the season. The 2023 edition of Otoño features three In-Season lots from our single-origin menu and three of the world’s most celebrated coffee origins: our Ethiopia Washed Alaka, Kenya Kamviu, and Guatemala La Florida.

Joe Coffee

joe coffee la familia guarnizo sprudge roaster's village

Joe CoffeeColombia La Familia Guarnizo—This coffee comes to us through a strong relationship between Joe Coffee and the El Paraiso growers’ association in Huila, Colombia. This bright and light-bodied selection was grown by a special group of El Paraiso’s member farmers: the Guarnizo family. Featuring notes of stone fruit and almonds with a medium acidity, this coffee is a customer favorite.

Madcap Coffee Company

madcap luis reinoso sprudge roaster's village

Madcap Coffee CompanyLuis Reinoso—Luis Reinoso grows coffee in Tolima, Colombia, with his wife Yenni. Though this coffee bears his name, Luis is the first to emphasize that it’s an equal partnership between Yenni and himself. In this balanced cup of the Caturra and Bourbon varieties, expect notes of cherry, red apple, and nougat.

The Reinosos had the first coffee Madcap ever purchased from Colombia. Luis and Yenni operate on a small, secluded 11-hectare farm. There you’ll find Luis diligently keeping records while processing small batches and Yenni raking the drying coffee on top of the roof of their farmhouse.

Monogram Coffee

monogram floripondio filter sprudge 2023

Monogram CoffeeFloripondio—Grown in a tropical microclimate with a distinct terroir, Floripondio is an ideal farm for experimenting with growing different varieties of coffee. It is a breathtaking farm, growing incredible coffees, and under the guidance of the Rodriguez family the coffees are grown, harvested and processed with close attention to detail every step of the way. Floripondio is a batian coco natural that has super clean and juicy flavours of plum and nougat with a creamy body.

Night Swim Coffee

night swim rosalio gutierrez natural coffee recommendation sprudge roaster's village

Night Swim CoffeeRosalio Gutierrez – Natural—Rosalio is a young producer from the Valle Inca cooperative, only 38 years old. He and his wife Gladys cultivate the 10 hectares they share, only 2.75 of which are dedicated to coffee production. The rest of their land is for products for their own consumption, including pastures for cattle and old-growth forest. This sun-dried, bourbon varietal comes to us from Cusco, Peru and the Valle Inca cooperative. Located in Calca (specifically the remote subregions Yanatile and Lares) in the south of Peru, they launched in 2014 and Red Fox Coffee Merchants have been buying coffee from them ever since. Where, at first, Valle Inca yielded small quantities that struggled to make the grade quality-wise, they’re now one of their biggest vendors in all of Peru, producing enviable quality.

Olympia Coffee Roasters

olympia coffee ethiopia desta gola coffee recommendations sprudge

Olympia Coffee RoastersEthiopia Desta Gola—Flavors of berry jam, peach, and jasmine

Onyx Coffee Lab

panama creativa onyx giovana boutet anaerobic sprudge september 2023

Onyx Coffee LabPanama Creatvia Giovana Boutet Anaerobic—This anaerobic natural processed by our friends at Creativa Coffee District checks all the boxes we love about anaerobic processing. Layered, complex, and immensely sweet, this Catuai reminds us of ripe mangos and chocolate truffle, with the complexity and tactile of a cabernet. According to our very own production roasting assistant, this micro-lot has “just the right amount of funk.” We agree, Kenneth. We agree.

Partners Coffee

partners honduras san francisco coffee recommendation sprudge roaster's village

Partners CoffeeHonduras San Francisco—Roger Domínguez produces some of our favorite natural process coffees. This lot, a selection of entirely red bourbon, comes from his farm Finca San Francisco in Marcala, Honduras. With the most exacting standards of picking and processing Roger has delivered an exceptional coffee, dominated by jammy red fruits and intense dark chocolate. We taste strawberry and raspberry jam, spiced cranberries, pomegranate, candied orange, very dark chocolate, and cognac.

PERC Coffee

perc colombia la primavera pink bourbon coffee recommendation sprudge roaster's village

PERC CoffeeColombia La Primavera Pink Bourbon—This coffee is a collaboration between producer Freddy Correa and our friends at Forest Coffee. Freddy Correa grew this fantastic coffee on his farm, La Primavera. This is the first pink bourbon we’ve sourced at PERC. Pink Bourbon is a mutation of the Bourbon variety and is highly regarded for its exceptional cup profile. When the cherries ripen, they turn a vibrant shade of pink (hence the name). This variety is known for its sweet, fruity, and floral flavors, and La Primavera does a great job hitting all of them!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

stumptown guatemala semillero sprudge 2023

Stumptown CoffeeGuatemala Semillero—Semillero was the first plot of land Luis Pedro Zelaya bought after graduating as an agronomist. It was originally intended as a seed farm, but as time went on Luis Pedro’s experiments produced more and more exquisite coffees. Today, Semillero produces some of the highest quality lots seen in the Zelaya family operation. This year’s lot is a round cup combining notes of creamy vanilla, nectarine, and plum, and it’s available exclusively to Stumptown’s Roaster’s Pick coffee subscribers.

Verve Coffee Roasters

verve sumavo lactico sprudge september 2023

Verve CoffeeCosta Rica Sumava Lactico Natural—Sweet Magnolia florals greet the nose at the first sip, complemented by the soft touch of White Peach. Concord Grape is woven throughout with a similar profile to natural wine, finishing the cup with a sparkling mouthfeel. Francisco Mena’s coffee has been sprinkled throughout our menu year after year, and he is someone that we are proud to partner with. His coffees have exceptionally clean profiles and are consistently high quality. A large part of his experimentation is lactic processing. The process begins with the harvest of perfectly ripe cherries. The cherries’ skin is left intact and they are placed in small bags, which are then placed into large buckets. The buckets or barrels are rotated for 36 hours to ferment, which is when the sugars from the cherry become food for the yeast and bacteria that are responsible for the fermentation. The time and attention to craft is what makes this cup so special.

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