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Bolivia prepares report on the health of Governor Camacho

Luis Fernando Camacho, imprisoned for his links to the coup against Evo Morales,  

The Penitentiary Regime prepares the report on the situation of the prisoner Luis Fernando Camacho, which will be sent to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) through the Ministry of Government, informed its national director, Juan Carlos Limpias.

The IACHR asked the Government of Luis Arce for information on the detention of the governor of Santa Cruz in the Chonchocoro prison so that it can be answered within a period of 10 days.

“We have to respond to the IACHR, which has communicated to us about a precautionary (measure), we are going to report accordingly, I believe that these actions the IACHR will recognize that the prison administration is humane and has absolute respect for the rights of those deprived of liberty,” Limpias told Cepra radio.

A precautionary measure is a protection mechanism of the IACHR, through which it requests a State to protect one or more people who are in a serious and urgent situation of suffering irreparable damage.

For the national director of the Penitentiary Regime, the IACHR’s request will make it possible to disprove “the lies” that some of Camacho’s followers made, such as that he was not being guaranteed medical care and that he would even have suffered a cardiac arrest, which never happened. .

The governor has been in pretrial detention in the Chonchocoro maximum security prison since December 30 and must serve four months in pretrial detention, while investigations continue into the so-called “Coup I” case. 

Source: Telesur TV