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Our Habitas Atacama

Located in Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama, the property is an explorer’s basecamp – a refuge in the desert – where Our Habitas combines Atacama desert experiences with moments of human connection.

Our Habitas, the pioneering, sustainable-led brand redefining the concept of traditional luxury, reveals its latest sustainable adventure with Our Habitas Atacama in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Atacama is known for its breathtaking landscapes ranging from arid desert and salt flats to volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. At Our Habitas Atacama, guests can participate in outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking, mountaineering, and sandboarding as well as stargazing in one of the world’s best places to see and photograph the night sky.

The property offers 51 fully-equipped rooms, each designed and styled with local textiles, decor, and furnishings in keeping with Our Habitas’ philosophy of sourcing and supporting local businesses. Similarly, the home’s restaurant and bar features local and seasonal ingredients and a native herb garden with herbs indicative of the Atacama desert grown and used in dishes served throughout Our Habitas Atacama. In addition, there is a pool and wellness area, as well as a dedicated gathering space, a trademark communal offering at each of Our Habitas’ homes for intimate events and concerts, which allows for ample connection with oneself, others, and the phenomenal natural surroundings of Atacama.

Sustainability continues to be the highest priority throughout. In keeping with the brand’s strict standard of environmental consciousness, Our Habitas Atacama is single-use, plastic-free, has a water management plan, avoids the removal of any trees on the property, and even plants equal amounts of trees for the wood used during any and all construction. As Our Habitas meticulously curates each property’s programming to synchronize with the surrounding environment, guests have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the authentic culture of the Atacama. This includes workshops highlighting the Atacama Desert & Medicinal Plant practice, local ceramic & crafts, and the region’s cooking & mixology. The diverse program also emphasizes wellness and features daily movement, functional training, sound baths, temazcal, and guided meditations. Along with the amazing outdoor adventure experiences on offer including mountain biking and stargazing, guests can enjoy a series of live programming and celebrations throughout the year, each in support of the artistry of the region.

Miles above sea level and with no major cities, almost no rain and arid weather, the Atacama desert is the largest fog desert in the world and has over 300 cloudless nights a year. This combined with the stark desert-scapes of northern Chile, makes Atacama perfect for stargazing and astronomy. The driest non-polar desert on Earth, this desert is home to some of the world’s biggest and most powerful telescopes and NASA observatories. The wide-open spaces and pristine skies surrounding Atacama is a siren call for amateur stargazers and Our Habitas devotees alike.

Ample opportunities to experience the intersection of nature and culture of the region is on the doorstep of Our Habitas Atacama with optimum locations for human connection, including Pukará de Quitor, a pre-Columbian archaeological site; Mirador de Kari, a rocky mountain plateau with an overhanging rock and a spectacular location to experience the sunset; El Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) has exceptional stone and sand formations, carved by wind and water and Licancabur, a stratovolcano on the border of Bolivia, believed to be a holy mountain by the Atacameno people, the volcano comprises part of the Andean Central Volcanic Zone, with a 19,409-foot high cone.

Our Habitas’ impact initiatives further aims to promote social and environmental sustainability within local communities, supporting conscious tourism in Chile. The brand’s impact arm, RISE, continues to play a prominent role, collaborating with local partners and initiatives to give back to the community by supporting cultural and environmental causes and donating into the fund for every guest who stays at Atacama. Our Habitas RISE further aims to support Chilean communities by empowering locals through job opportunities and hospitality training.

Atacama is the brand’s 11th “home” in the rapidly growing Our Habitas family, which includes properties in Tulum, Bacalar, San Miguel in Mexico and soon to open Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, as well as one-of-a-kind concepts in Namibia and AlUla, in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the brand has further expanded into the U.S. with Our Habitas-on-Hudson and Morocco with the recent launches of Caravan Agafay and Caravan Dakhla.

Source : Hospitality Net